My 30-day commitment to do something new.

Commitment: Do something new for 30 days. What the hell, do something new that scares the shit out of me for 30 days.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 17-Bloated Belly

I was feeling lazy yesterday and my belly was bloated from something I ate. I had some of the digestive treat that I made with candied Ginger, Fennel seeds and bitter orange peel and went to bed. This was a hard picture for me to post, but it shows how bloated my belly can get from certain foods. I wish I knew what I ate.


  1. A friend wrote and said it might be an emotional bloat...could be. I had a few things yesterday that I should have let out and not held in. And I had one today. I just don't know what to do when people are mean. I am always so taken back by the anger in someone's voice that I can't even respond. So for the man that spoke so rudely to my friend, you suck and I feel sorry for you AND you lost my business because you should have handled that situation differently than you did.

  2. I find that it is your difficult to post pictures and sharing that makes the others so sweet. Bitter is nourshing, like nettles.

  3. Yes, nourishing like Nettles! My favorite tea.