My 30-day commitment to do something new.

Commitment: Do something new for 30 days. What the hell, do something new that scares the shit out of me for 30 days.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Day Two-Babies Are Miracles

I was attending the ALisa Starkweather's Belly and Womb conference in Shutesbury, MA this past weekend, which is part of the reason I started this blog.
photo by Kelly Pacheco © 2011 - All rights reserved

I am not pregnant, but this picture reminds me of when I was 20 years ago. My womb was the home to Annelise and 20 months after her, the home for Connor. I loved being pregnant. I loved my pregnant belly. I regret never taking a picture of my naked pregnant belly. I wished I could have had my children naturally, but they were both delivered via cesarean section. But I am also grateful for the c-sections. I don't think the three of us would be here today without them. 

After Connor was born, I had five miscarriages, two of them were ectopic pregnancies. My womb suffered a D&C (dilatation & curettage, where there interior lining of my womb was scraped away because my body had trouble miscarrying by itself). I am still healing from the lose. Sometimes it feels as if I am alone in the grieving.

I love my womb and I am so grateful it held and nourished two perfect and beautiful human beings. 

Babies are Miracles.


  1. That's beautiful! I just discovered your blog via FB, and I love what you're doing. We can all be strong and fit and healthy without being perfect. I need to remind myself of this every day.

  2. Thank you so much Boots and Lisa. YES! "We can all be strong and fit and healthy without being perfect." Yes!

  3. i agree on so many points, i too loved my time carrying my children...sacred vessels these bellies of ours...i never took a belly picture either and wish i had...and i've had losses too, and know the feeling of aloneness that brings (i know that isn't a real word, but it fits the feeling in a way that loneliness can't)...matt made me a baby ring, to replace the one my sister who, after wards became a perinatal loss was lovely but wasn't meant to be worn every day....kathy