My 30-day commitment to do something new.

Commitment: Do something new for 30 days. What the hell, do something new that scares the shit out of me for 30 days.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

2/365 Beer Belly

I don't honor St. Patrick in the way my Irish Catholic ancestors or my family does. I honor and remember Nana on this day. My Nana, Loretta Bridget. Her mother Mary came from County Mayo in Ireland and I had the wonderful opportunity when I was 19 to visit Ireland with her, my mother and my brother Jim. I still wear the Erin sweater we bought together.

I always love having all the smells in the house that remind me of her. I make the traditional corned beef and cabbage and I make her Irish soda bread. After years of trying, I now make my own dairy-free Irish soda bread that tastes as close as I can get to Nana's. We drink Guinness stout and have Seamus Kennedy playing in the background. This year we are celebrating a few days early.

So, here's to Nana!

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