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Commitment: Do something new for 30 days. What the hell, do something new that scares the shit out of me for 30 days.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

22/365 - Reflections of a Beautiful Belly

I received this heartwarming and moving email from Marcy yesterday. Thank you Marcy! 

"My belly has not seen the light of day for almost 25 years. I'm afraid that I, too, have bought into the worldly concept of what a "beautiful belly" looks like and mine is definitely NOT!  But as I was pondering this thought and my unease with the appearance of my body, I was reminded that this  belly was where my children resided in absolute comfort and safety from conception until birth.

"Though clothed, it still is QUITE A BELLY!"

That each unsightly stretch mark recorded a laugh, a hiccup, a sneeze, and that each scar is a telltale sign that I loved them more than the loss of my flawless figure, more than the carnal perception of a beautiful body - a beautiful belly. Mine is beautiful because my children lived there, and my body now bears the proof. This is a concept I want to embrace. 

When I look at this picture I am in awe. I murdered my first two unborn babies by abortion, and was not in a relationship when I made the choice to have this baby. Somehow, God considered me worthy, and the day after this picture was taken I was blessed with not one, but two beautiful baby girls. Later I would have two more boys. My children are my greatest joy and my greatest accomplishment in life.  Thank-you, BEAUTIFUL BELLY!"

And in the spirit of "The Belly Blog" ...

There it is, 24 years later - peeking out. (ok, so it has seen the light of day...once).

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