My 30-day commitment to do something new.

Commitment: Do something new for 30 days. What the hell, do something new that scares the shit out of me for 30 days.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

30/365 - An Herbal Healing Tonic for My Belly

Food allergies and sensitivities
Ulcerative colitis

The three things I have been living with for the last few years. So everyday I try to drink an herbal tonic to quell inflammation, warm up the digestive tract and tone the walls of the intestines. Today's decoction is fresh Turmeric root, fresh Ginger root, fresh Burdock root, dried Astragalus root, and a little bit of black pepper. The decoction is mostly Turmeric with equal parts of the other roots. Sometimes I drink a quart of Nettle leaf, Rasberry leaf, or Oatstraw infusion. But this week it is all about the roots.

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